Different standards for cat food?

Having valiantly tried to shop for fish in the green zone of the Good Fish Guide and treating myself to chicken only if it is free range (almost all of the time), I have found myself in a quandary when it comes to food for the mog.

My precious mog prefers fishy offerings – vaguely called ‘ocean fish’ by Chef, with the main ingredients listed as meat by-products, the first listed being chicken.  I have just realised that, despite feeding my cat this food for six years, I have never looked at the ingredients.  For special occasions, I treat her to a tiny tin or two of expensive cat food.  This is where it gets silly. 

The posh nosh for spoiled moggies includes chicken, tuna and snapper. 

1.  If I try only to buy free range chicken, why doesn’t this choice extend to catfood? 

2.  If I avoid tuna, or try only to buy skipjack tuna, up at the top of the Good Fish Guide, why would I buy unspecified tuna for my cat?

3.  If I avoid the worst choices from the bottom of the Good Fish Guide, such as snapper, why on earth would I buy it for my cat?

Discerning shoppers want to make the same wise choices across their shopping – whether food, shampoo, detergent or cat food.

My plea to cat food manufacturers – please give us a choice.  Let us feed our cats ethical, sustainable cat food.


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