Plenty more fish in the sea … or is there?

Selfridges, (top London department store) in association with the Zoological Society of London and 20 other conservation and environment groups, is leading “Project Ocean“.

They are ensuring that their store and restaurants do not sell any endangered fish, they are raising money for the creation of new marine reserves, and they are promoting a fish guide.  Overall, they aim to raise awareness of the threats to our oceans and thereby enable people to make positive decisions about the right fish to buy and eat.

Who in New Zealand will pick this up and run with it?  Logan Brown made a great start.  Forest & Bird are raising awareness and getting their Good Fish Guide out there, and the Greens and Greenpeace are doing their bit, but we need a nationwide chain or household name to pick up the theme and stand by it. 

Pam’s have made a commitment to improve the choice of tuna they sell and its labelling.  Perhaps Pam’s and then Foodstuffs could lead this much needed campaign for NZ.


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